Member since: 10/2020

Active in: WG Plastics


TONTOTON is a Vietnam based plastic neutralization program that offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to reduce ocean plastic. We build personalized plans for companies to neutralize their plastic footprint, on the same concept as carbon footprint. We collaborate with local communities to collect a predefined amount of ocean-bound plastic on behalf of companies, equivalent to their overall plastic consumption or a specific product. TONTOTON rescue post-consumer non-recyclable plastic to create a new market based on an innovative circular economy. We work under the strict international standard of the Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality Certification, audited by a 3rd party, Control Union. Additionally, the plastic waste collected is valorized in co-processing treatment facilities that operate in full compliance with the United Nations Environmental Protection’s policies under the Basel Convention Technical Guidelines.

In the pursuit of a better future, we firmly believe that partnerships are the key to making it happen by sharing knowledge and experiences to build impactful projects. TONTOTON’s mission is fully line up with the objectives of Working Group 1: Conservation of resources and Working Group 2: Closing loop for packaging. For these reasons, we have decided to join the PREVENT Waste Alliance. We are happy to be part of a global network to step up the fight against plastic pollution and work alongside experts and members to implement innovative solutions.

The circular economy is an opportunity to redesign the linear economy as a virtuous circle for all, where no waste remains. At TONTOTON, we believe that a circular economy represents a WIN-WIN-WIN solution for the environment, society, and businesses. When a company is committed to making a difference and take actions accordingly, it is a runoff of positive impacts. For society, by creating new jobs that will improve education, health, and fight poverty and hunger but also the environment by preserving ecosystems. Later, this same company will benefit from this commitment by improving its image, its social and environmental impact.