Member since: 10/2020

Active in: WG Plastics


TONTOTON is a post-consumer plastic waste management entity functioning in Vietnam and Cambodia. “Nothing and No-one is Left Behind” is our core principle of working. Our community-based programs offer sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to reduce marine plastic. Committed to ethical plastic sourcing, TONTOTON includes comprehensive plastic collection, including hard-to-recycle, and monitoring improved conditions for informal waste pickers. We build personalized plans for companies to take responsibility for sourcing post-consumer plastic and support environmental and social impact through plastic credits. TONTOTON rescues all types of post-consumer non-recyclable plastic to recyclable plastics to create a new market based on innovative solutions. We work under the strict international standard of the Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality Certification, audited by a 3rd party, Control Union. We collect plastics via a network of registered waste collectors and segregations units (households, schools, hotels, temples, offices, etc.). Then we sort the plastic at our Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to find solutions to recover valuable resources through our recycling options to export PET to the bottle-to-bottle recycling facility and others to develop affordable construction materials. By the end of 2022, we were able to manage 2500 tons of plastic waste while registering 400 waste collectors with us.

In the pursuit of a better future, we firmly believe that partnerships are the key to making it happen by sharing knowledge and experiences to build impactful projects. TONTOTON’s mission aligns with the objectives of the PREVENT Plastics working group to conserve resources and to close the loop for packaging. For these reasons, we have decided to join the PREVENT Waste Alliance. We are happy to be part of a global network to step up the fight against plastic pollution and work alongside experts and members to implement innovative solutions.

To us, the circular economy is rethinking our relationship with plastic and ensuring that all types of plastic waste has value and therefore a solution. TONTOTON embraces this philosophy by prioritizing the environment and communities, offering a sustainable solution to the plastic waste crisis through collaboration with partners and the community. Our circular approach benefits both financially and health-wise for marginalized communities in Cambodia and Vietnam, where there are limited solutions. Unlike the common selective plastic collection and recycling, our inclusive approach ensures that all types of plastics are recovered for material, products or energy, leaving nothing and no one behind.