The Incubation Network

Member since: 11/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG E-Waste, WG Framework conditions

The Incubation Network

The Incubation Network is an impact-driven initiative that sources, supports and scales holistic innovative solutions to combat plastic pollution through strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems with a diverse network of key partners. Part of a highly collaborative community of start-ups and entrepreneurs, investors, partners and programmes, The Incubation Network works together with industry players to tackle key barriers to address plastic leakage and advance a circular economy.

Our mission is highly aligned with the PREVENT Waste Alliance, seeking to orchestrate and amplify connections between entrepreneurs, policymakers and decision-makers, and investors to take solutions against plastic pollution to scale. We co-design and leverage the strength of our network, and see the PREVENT Waste Alliance as an extension of our network to discover new opportunities for collaboration.

The Incubation Network tackles plastic leakage and advances a circular economy by supporting start-ups across all maturity stages and scaling their early-stage or pre-investment innovations together with key industry stakeholders. We see the circular economy model as a means to tackle waste mismanagement and improve systems within this region, thereby creating the possibility of reducing up to half of the world’s plastic leakage.