The Gravity Wave

Member since: 11/2021

Active in: WG Plastics

The Gravity Wave

The Gravity Wave has the mission to clean seas and oceans of marine litter with the purpose of restoring the marine ecosystem. We work with a network of traditional fishermen to collect marine trash. Our upcycling process is currently focused on fishing nets, one of the most harmful waste for the marine ecosystem which represents 40% of the plastic we collect from the sea. We then transform the nets into 100% circular products.

To connect with other projects around the world to learn, share and grow. To recover our seas and oceans requires global action, and we would like to get to know other solutions that can work alongside with ours. We currently are upcycling fishing nets into furniture. We would like to meet other projects upcycling nets, upcycling other types of marine litter and processes being implemented.

Circular economy sits at the core of Gravity Wave. We collect marine trash, to upcycle it into valuable products. Currently focusing on fishing nets, we recover ghost and prevention nets to then transformed them into a recycled material. This material can be used for injection, boards or rotational molding. Currently we are transforming our recuperated nets into furniture, but are exploring other products too.