Member since: 05/2019

Active in: WG1, WG2

The Grameen Creative Lab

Co-founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and entrepreneur Hans Reitz, The Grameen Creative Lab pursues its vision to address society’s most urgent social and environmental needs by accelerating a global Social Business movement. The diversified activities are hereby based on the three pillars of Awareness Creation, Incubation and Consulting. Each year The Grameen Creative Lab hosts the Global Social Business Summit constituting the world’s leading Social Business forum. Embodied by its Yunus Environment Hub, The Grameen Creative Lab develops a variety of innovative Social Business solutions to Circular Economy, Plastic Pollution, Carbon Emission, Biodiversity and Green Energy.

For years, The Grameen Creative Lab has been actively engaged in the development of a Circular Economy as well as improved waste disposal and recycling systems. A particular focus hereby lies on the improvement of living conditions and the reduction of ecological damage in countries from the Global South. Against this backdrop the Prevent Waste Alliance constitutes a fruitful platform that allows to discuss Best-Practices and initiate new collaborations. Only a strong network and close collaboration with experienced partners enable The Grameen Creative Lab to always satisfy the respective needs and requirements of local communities in a variety of projects.

Against the backdrop of an ever-increasing global consumption of natural resources the concept of a Circular Economy proposes radical rethinking. Compared with previous linear economic systems and value chains, the Circular Economy emphasizes the role of today’s products as tomorrow’s resources and highlights the reusability of resources and materials. The concept of Social Business, as postulated and lived by The Grameen Creative Lab, plays an important role in the practical implementation of the idea of a Circular Economy. For example in countries of the Global South, local Social Businesses constitute an important part of municipal plastic waste collection and recycling.