Member since: 12/2019

Active in: WG Plastics


The “Smart Wood Solution” is a brand of TGSeed UG (haftungsbeschränkt) from Germany. The Smart Wood Solution a solution-oriented result for developing countries to solve the local challenges of plastic waste and to use this resource in a maximum value-added way to produce synthetic wood as a building material and for furniture construction, thus creating local jobs, training positions and perspectives.

With our “Smart Wood Solution” we are a start-up that will realize the use of secondary plastics in developing countries. We are thus acting entirely in the spirit of the PREVENT Waste Alliance. As citizens of the world, we see ourselves as responsible and have the motivation to offer our expertise and develop solutions to meet the challenges in the form of sustainable concepts and with positive socio-ecological impacts. We are looking forward to making an active contribution and to developing solutions together with the other partners and to implementing them together.

The circular economy is the method exemplified by nature and should also be the model for mankind. It must be the goal that we can re-use products as often as possible. The aim must therefore be to be able to recycle products as often as possible or to manufacture durable and permanently applicable products. Especially in view of the finite resources, this approach is the only sustainable solution that is urgently needed due to the shortage of raw materials. At the same time, especially in developing countries, it is necessary to integrate the population, consider local conditions and ideally to use the opportunities to generate important social impacts within the framework of Agenda 2030.