Member since: 02/2022

Active in: WG E-Waste


Techbuyer is a global provider of sustainable IT solutions. We have been maximising budgets for over 15 years. Techbuyer’s priority is to provide excellent IT performance and unrivalled customer service for our clients. We also extend the life cycle of IT hardware and keep quality technology in circulation. We have a global stock of over £10 million worth of servers, storage and networking solutions, laptops, desktops and their components from over 150 brands, including HPE, Dell, IBM and Cisco. Whichever IT solution you choose with us, you will benefit from our short lead times, fast delivery and excellent IT support.

We joined PREVENT because we are keen to share our extensive knowledge about the IT sector as well as corporate sustainable practices with as many interested parties as possible. We look forward to hearing about the exciting projects of fellow members and to playing an active role in the alliance’s working groups to drive positive change. We acknowledge that electronic waste is a growing global problem, and we want to do our bit to reduce its negative impact on our planet. We appreciate the proactive attitude of PREVENT and cannot wait to get involved in any upcoming projects.

Techbuyer is a sustainable IT solutions provider with the circular economy at its core. Our team’s priority is to extend the product lifecycle of IT equipment wherever possible, in order to reduce the amount of useful technology entering the planet’s waste stream. At Techbuyer, every piece of IT equipment that comes through our doors is refurbished, repaired or upgraded wherever possible. This reduces waste and guarantees excellent IT performance. We are flexible in our approach and can manage the entire lifecycle of our clients’ IT equipment. We actively support the UN Global Goals and have our very own Sustainability Committee.