TCO Development

Member since: 08/2020

Active in: WG E-Waste

TCO Development

TCO Development is the organisation behind the world’s most comprehensive sustainability certification for IT products, TCO Certified. The certification includes both environmental and social criteria and is used to make responsible choices of computers, mobile devices, display products, and data center products. Compliance with criteria is independently verified. TCO Certified is designed to enable circular solutions and help organizations contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. TCO Development is owned by TCO, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, a non-profit and politically independent organisation.

TCO Development’s vision is that IT products should have a sustainable life cycle. We are well aware that we can’t achieve this on our own. By working together with the members of PREVENT Waste Alliance, and learning from others, we want to maximize our efforts of reducing the negative impact IT products have on our planet and minimize electronic waste. We also want to share some of the knowledge we’ve gained during almost 30 years of driving sustainability in the IT sector.

A circular approach to IT products can help us battle climate change, save precious natural resources, and minimize e-waste. In a circular economy, resources are handled responsibly and waste is avoided. IT products are durable and can be upgraded and repaired, to allow for long lifespans and product reuse. Vital components can be replaced. Products are of high quality and can be disassembled to allow for refurbishing and remanufacturing solutions. When a product has reached the end of its usable life, materials are seen as valuable resources that are recycled to replace virgin materials in the manufacture of new products.