Sustainable Design Research Consortium

Member since: 11/2022

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions

Sustainable Design Research Consortium

Sustainable Design Research Consortium is a non-partisan, non-profit, apolitical think and action tank with a clear focus towards advocating and implementing circularity in civil, business, governmental, parastatal and citizen led ecosystems as evangelists and champions of Just Transition. SDRC partners Civil Society Organisations and foundations in Europe (specifically, Germany and Netherlands), Canada and India. The organisation works with grass roots as well as policy fora and pressure groups building capacities, upskilling marginalised social ecosystems and partnering with various stakeholder groups to build broader circular alliances.

PREVENT is at the apex of the circular ecosystem since disposal and reuse of waste is one of the consistent wicked problems that all eco system developers face in their journey. SDRC joins PREVENT with the idea of connecting to the broader alliance across the globe, bringing about transformative change under the able aegis of all the partners combined as a force. The vision and collective capacity of the alliance, we feel, juxtaposed with the greater change dialogue apropos waste in the ecology of circularity is poised to become the game changer in the entire dialogue – SDRC chooses to be in the game!

Circular Economy is the very ethos by which the entire world is poised towards survival, if at all. Unfortunately, the urgency of the needed change is not perceived equally by all stakeholders across and beyond the discourse community which leads to a volatility that is insupportable in the current era. Circularity seems to be the only game changer. Our organisation adopts circular pathways as the only philosophy of being as well as philosophy of work.