Start.Up Lounge Africa

Member since: 08/2022

Active in: WG E-Waste, WG Framework conditions

Start.Up Lounge Africa

Start.Up Lounge Africa is the management partner for SME’s across Africa. We are a consultancy based in Ghana with deep ecosystem knowledge and connections in the West Africa region. Our strengths are in utilizing our vast network and expertise to support organisations to design products fit for market, enter the market and grow their market share. We ensure the best customer experience through our team of experienced professionals steering the wheel. Their knowledge and practical understanding of the region allows us to deliver excellence for all our clients.

We joined the PREVENT Waste Alliance because we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. We strongly believe that sustainability solutions need viable and sustainable business models to be successful. That is where we come in, we can support entrepreneurs scale their businesses to maximise the impact of their innovations and together we can solve some of the planet’s toughest challenges.

For us, circular economy is about opportunity, the opportunity to do things differently, to develop new innovations and to create a new sustainable world. We strongly believe that entrepreneurs and businesses will be key to ensuring humanity makes the changes it needs to create a future that is safe and sustainable for all.