Spot, Recycle, Report – Make an impact for a cleaner and greener planet

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia • 8. November 2021

Spot, Recycle, Report – Make an impact for a cleaner and greener planet

PREVENT members Help, Rodiek-Nehlsen Group and “the fortunate planet” launched the “TFP – The Fortunate Planet” app in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia on 30 October 2021 to improve waste management and increase the recycling rate of the waste, supported by the PREVENT Waste Alliance.

Within the PREVENT pilot project „Enhancing awareness and employment through recycling“ the organisation Help and the Rodiek-Nehlsen Group have teamed up with „the fortunate planet“ to make our environment cleaner, greener and more sustainable.
A new iOS-Android application „TFP – The Fortunate Planet “has been made available to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia in a three-month trial period . The goal is to help citizens improve waste management activities and increase the recycling rate in BiH and Serbia. They can do it through the app by spotting the disposal points, littering and all locations where the waste has been disposed, separated and/or recycled.

With this simple, digital application citizens can make an impact and improve the waste disposal system in their countries. For each activity through the app, the „player“ – citizen, gets rewarded with EcoCredits. T.hose with the highest score can become an “Eco-Hero”. After the trial period, in the following application development phase, the credit can be used in exchange for discounts and free products online in the Green Marketplace and local markets.
The player can send invitations to friends and get additional points – all that while making our planet and our environment greener and cleaner.

The application can be downloaded either from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Following easy steps they help digitalise and classify disposal points (Spot), to create a network of locations for waste disposal.
They can dispose of and classify (separate) plastic, metal, glass, mixed waste. They can recycle (Recycle) or simply report (Report) the littering or the landfill.
The application is available in local languages Bosnian and Serbia. All is required is to have the selection of the region and the language on the mobile device have set up based on the location of the user.

In the first phase of the application, the active participation of citizens contributes to digitalisation – networking of places for proper waste disposal, recycling, littering and landfill reporting.

Together for a cleaner and greener tomorrow – for the present and the future generations. You can make an impact and indulge in a more pleasant and safer environment.

Partnership with the fortunate planet has been made within the PREVENT pilot project “Enhancing awareness and employment opportunities through recycling”, implemented by Help in partnership with Rodiek-Nehlsen. Overall, the project aims to raise awareness on recycling, proper management, and reduction of waste, as well as supporting the employment of vulnerable groups.


(c) Picture: Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe