Sarape CircuLab

Member since: 12/2022

Active in: WG Plastics

Sarape CircuLab

The world has a lot of problems, but we're here to solve them! We design, implement, and communicate creative transformational solutions for a circular and regenerative future. We do this by working on carbon and waste neutrality, developing programs of ecosystem regeneration for the benefit of local communities and by designing circular products, services, and systems that are competitive, transparent, and inclusive. We have a community of experts who have helped deliver initiatives and share knowledge that can shift paradigms toward regeneration. Sarape CircuLab is proudly part of the Sarape social family.

We celebrate the collaborative approach of PREVENT Waste Alliance as a catalyst of circular action and a platform to share and maximize experiences and solutions internationally towards a circular economy.
We had previously worked with members of the PREVENT Waste Alliance and recognize the importance of international cooperation to bridge solutions inclusively.
We are partcularly excited about the working groups and matchmaking series, because they allows us to implement state of the art solutions and learn from others. 

We believe the circular economy represents a needed systemic transformation inspired by the ultimate genius: nature’s principles of circularity and regeneration.

It provides the tools and solutions to transition into a well-being economy where people thrive, and nature regenerates.

The circular economy represents balance: coherent material use, social justice, inclusivity, and regeneration of ecosystems to compensate and balance for the impact and the potential to innovate and generate jobs that allow connection with our natural environment.

We highly value and integrate the elements of transparency, traceability, design, and collaboration in everything we do.