rSupply Solutions AG

Member since: 09/2019

Active in: WG Plastics

rSupply Solutions AG

rSupply is a private sector company within the circular economy which has specialised in the preparation of post-consumer plastics. Our focus is on using recycled products for high-quality applications. In this respect, materials from household collections through the German Dual System also play an important role. Our aim is to prepare them for repeated use of equal value. We are particularly focusing on processing and production plants in Europe in this regard. rSupply also regularly gets involved in innovative recycling concepts, for example in Asia. The expertise acquired over the years is a crucial success factor, as is our network.

We see networks as a key factor in achieving success. Particularly in the circular economy, good networks to waste producers, processors, technology leaders and the processing industry are absolutely indispensable. A true circular economy can only succeed if expertise on how to recycle goods is incorporated during their production. With our competencies and experience, we see ourselves as the ideal link between the stakeholders from the waste producers of the future and the manufacturers of the products of tomorrow.

Our business model is based on a belief in a true circular economy. We see ourselves as a reliable partner in a market that is regularly subject to influences brought about by external change.