Rodiek & Co. GmbH, a subsidiary of Nehlsen AG

Member since: 06/2019

Active in: WG Plastics

Rodiek & Co. GmbH, a subsidiary of Nehlsen AG

The Rodiek & Co. GmbH is a service provider for disposal solutions in countries with low or middle income. As a subsidiary of Bremer Nehlsen AG, we have access to the experience and know-how of almost 100 years of sustainable and environmentally friendly waste disposal. Our range of services includes tailor-made solutions for the specific requirements on site. We work along the entire value chain from collection, sorting and processing to provision for recycling. Our services also include technical support for facilities, vehicles and machinery, material flow management and the development of recycling and energy concepts.

Nehlsen stands for reliable, efficient and customer-oriented services in the fields of recycling and logistics. It is our aim to create individual and sustainable solutions for people and the environment and thus ensure a future worth living. We are committed to this social responsibility and with Rodiek we also want to bring it to countries where waste disposal does not yet work well. In the Waste Alliance, we want to exchange ideas with the other members and contribute our expertise and experience constructively in order to strengthen the prevention and recycling of waste on a global level.

A successful recycling economy is a win-win situation: By feeding waste to the best possible recycling possibility, we can on the one hand benefit from our waste. On the other hand, the exploitation and use of new raw materials can be minimized. – The environment benefits in two ways.
As a waste management company, we set an example in this respect and have a special responsibility in the community. For this reason, we provide impulses in many areas to conserve resources and reduce environmental pollution.
We use new technologies that allow recyclable materials to be better returned to the material loop and conserve resources. We promote the corresponding commitment of the residents in the cities and regions in which we are active. And we have also set ourselves ambitious goals to strengthen sustainability and reduce CO2 emissions in our company.