Röchling Stiftung GmbH

Member since: 04/2020

Active in: WG Plastics


Röchling Stiftung GmbH

The Röchling Foundation is dedicated to environmental issues, and in particular to the problems associated with plastic waste. It supports research projects and civil society initiatives to encourage a more responsible attitude to plastics as part of a circular economy. The Foundation sees itself as more than a simple funding partner, and is particularly interested in developing new cross-sector partnerships and networks. It is also establishing its own initiatives designed to contribute to a more complete understanding of the global challenges associated with plastics and the environment, and to encourage integrated solutions to these challenges. The Röchling Foundation was founded by the Röchling family in 1990. The family owns the Röchling Group, which is among the world’s leading suppliers of high-performance plastics for the automotive industry, industrial applications and the medical technology sector.

Most people have already taken the first step on the journey towards a solution to the global plastic waste problem: they have recognised that the problem exists. We firmly believe that our next task is to scale up and spread best practice far more effectively than we have done up to now. Doing so will require better coordination between the state sector, private business, the scientific community and civil society. Alliances like PREVENT can help us achieve more together, which is why we were delighted to become a member.

Shifting to a circular economy starts with valuing materials, products and the people who make them. Plastics, and particularly those used in packaging, are not valued. Their production costs are so low that they are not even factored into pricing, and barely figure in consumers’ decision-making processes. Manufacturing with recycled materials is still many times more expensive and labour-intensive than using primary raw materials. That has to change. That’s why we believe the circular economy needs a combination of innovation, increased awareness and regulation.