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rePurpose Global is an award-winning, Bangalore-based social enterprise building a global community of conscious consumers, workplaces, and brands going #PlasticNeutral by measuring, reducing, and offsetting their unique environmental footprint. Inspired by carbon offset, rePurpose is using plastic credit to fund the world’s transition towards a circular economy. For about the price of a coffee a month, you can calculate your impact as an individual living anywhere in the world, offset your unique footprint, and get green living tips. rePurpose also helps professional services go #PlasticNeutral by measuring the organisation’s footprint, offsetting it through a vetted waste management initiative of its choice, and engaging with employees on reducing their individual footprint. For brands, the Everyday PlasticNeutral solution enables any retailer offering products containing plastic to add a simple tick-box at the point of checkout for their environmentally conscious customers to take easy climate action & add 0.50$ to neutralize the unique plastic footprint of their purchase that day.

We joined PREVENT because we strongly believe in the importance of sector dialogue. The circular economy sector is in such a stage right now with different visions of how to scale up propogated by players with different interests, and we think that only dialogue can help us bridge the differences in these visions. We are also beyond excited by the potential to learn from fellow alliance members!

Many of us are well aware of the irreversible harm that plastics wreak on our planet. Here is something that is a lot less known – there are entire industries comprising of some of the world’s most marginalized groups of people working hard to recycle plastic waste every single day. These are vibrant, informal markets that exist in almost every metropolis in the developing world: Mumbai, Shanghai, Cairo, Mexico City, you name it. Despite them turning over billions of dollars every year, tens of millions of waste scavengers and workers are systematically exploited by buyers higher up in the supply chain. These environmental heroes are trapped in abject poverty, earning not nearly enough to afford a dignified life for themselves and their families.

So for us, circular economy means an ethical division of our collective responsibility over our materials between manufacturers, consumers, and recyclers alike. Together, we can reduce waste, revive lives, and restore nature’s balance!