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REMONDIS Assets & Services GmbH & Co. KG

REMONDIS is one of the world's largest private service companies for recycling, service and water, from which around 30 million citizens, public clients and companies benefit. REMONDIS is active on four continents at over 800 locations in more than 30 countries around the world as a leading expert in the growing recycling sector and in the recycling of a wide range of recyclable materials. Founded in 1934 and employing 36,000 people, the family-owned company has an annual turnover of 7.9 billion euros (2018). REMONDIS focuses on concepts based on partnership, supports forward-looking ideas and is constantly working on leading innovations for the efficient preservation of raw materials. We currently recycle more than 30 million tonnes of recyclable materials every year. By returning recyclable materials from industrial use and consumption back into the economic cycle, REMONDIS is saving the need to extract raw materials from nature - and is thus saving a great deal of damage to the environment and the climate. As the market leader in recycling, REMONDIS is making a significant contribution to harmonizing the economy and ecology by further systematizing a closed-loop environmental service branch in order to focus on the worsening effects of the global economy on nature.

As a leading recycling company, our aim and purpose is to do everything we can to make reprocessing valuable waste materials as efficient as possible. From our point of view, consumer and business waste is a valuable raw material, and one we can use to make new and marketable products. That’s why we are proud to operate in a way that’s both good for business and good for the environment. Feeding the widest possible range of raw materials into the economic and materials cycles – thus protecting the environment and combating climate change – is our top priority.
Through its membership of the PREVENT Waste Alliance, REMONDIS aims systematically to encourage re-use and recycling of high-quality waste materials, especially in developing countries and emerging economies. In many poor countries around the world the lack of suitable waste disposal infrastructure has already turned waste management into a existential problem, one that poses an increasing threat to the environment.
As a traditional family firm operating in the water industry and the circular economy, we are using the full range of our innovations and know-how to promote knowledge and technology transfer. We are delighted to support the PREVENT Waste Alliance in its aim of raising awareness of sustainability and recycling in the global south, thus improving living conditions in those countries and all over the world.

REMONDIS operates Europe’s biggest industrial recycling centre at its headquarters in Lünen, just north of Dortmund. Here and at many other sites around the world, we are constantly working to fight climate change by developing innovative ideas to make more efficient use of raw materials and encourage the re-use of recyclables. We reintroduce more than 30 million metric tonnes of recyclable material into the economic cycle every single year, with over a million tonnes coming from our Lippe plant at Lünen alone. Recovering materials this way has a much smaller impact on the landscape and uses far less energy than manufacturing new materials from scratch, allowing us to save 488,000 metric tonnes of CO2 a year. We are committed to constantly developing new processes to establish the circular economy in more industries, and will continue to optimise existing circular systems.