Member since: 07/2020

Active in: WG Plastics

RecyclingFüchse GmbH

Together with our customers, we are heading towards a true circular economy: we do everything we can to optimise waste flows - in doing so, we shed light on prevention potential, focus on the high-quality collection of waste at the point of origin, look at internal logistics processes and organise high-quality recycling. We are an authorised dealer and broker for waste of all kinds. We work closely with a large number of external experts. Our network includes business people, engineers, chemists, lawyers, auditors, tax consultants and sworn experts. As a consulting boutique, our main focus is on waste disposal and recovery, waste verification and documentation as well as the provision of an external waste expert. Within the scope of interim management, we support our customers from industry and the waste management sector in handling complex projects and bridging vacancies.