RecycAl LLC

Member since: 03/2023

Active in: WG Plastics, WG E-Waste

RecycAl LLC

RecycAL LLC, Tirana, Albania is owned by Lulzim Baumann. The company donates up to 25% of its annual profit to other projects in the field of environmental protection. The company "RecycAL" has the following goals: Collection and storage of non-hazardous waste such as paper, plastics, metals, inert materials and waste, their selection, compression and redistribution; Storage, treatment, repair or recycling of electronic and electronic equipment (WEEE); Storage, recycling of scrap metal/metal waste or disassembly of car engines; Education, consulting, training and projects in the field of environmental protection, especially waste management and circular economy.

Lulzim Baumann, CEO of RecycAl, was one of the founding members of Prevent and is very familiar with PREVENT’s work. RecycAl appreciates the networking opportunities that PREVENT offers and would like to use the PREVENT platform to meet with different potential partners to contribute to environmental protection in different countries and on different topics. At the same time, PREVENT is also a great learning platform.

For RecycAl, the circular economy is a sustainable economic model that encompasses social, environmental and economic aspects simultaneously. For us, the circular economy is also a way of living in a cleaner environment with less income, which means living a happy and healthy life.