Reclay Systems GmbH

Member since: 10/2019

Active in: WG Plastics

Reclay Systems GmbH

Established in 2002, the Reclay Group is a specialist national and international provider of packaging and waste disposal management services. We develop take-back systems for sales and transport packaging, electrical and electronic devices, batteries and materials in Germany and across the world. Our "Redual" system, launched in 2008, fulfils all mandatory return and re-use standards for sales packaging in Germany. "Redual" builds on the principle of extended producer responsibility (EPR) and voluntary solutions designed to close resource cycles. Our goal is to ensure that our day-to-day operations generate added value for our environment and for our company, in line with our strategic vision: "Environment, economy and social responsibility go hand in hand".

The Reclay Group is dedicated to sustainability around the world. In order to develop a circular approach and improve waste management processes, it is beneficial to collaborate with other parties in the chain from a range of sectors to develop joint approaches and solutions. Our priority is to safeguard the future of our environment, which is being placed at risk because of a lack of structure in low-income countries in particular. We see ourselves as pioneers, leading the way to establish effective waste management and recycling systems around the world. We want to be among those supporting the countries that need help to recycle valuable materials and utilise secondary raw materials.

For us, the circular economy means protecting finite resources by implementing intelligent, connected processes. Recycling in particular enables us to close resource cycles.
The circular economy also means working to protect resources right from the beginning of the chain, thinking about the end of the useful life of products and their packaging from the design stage onwards to maximise the potential of secondary raw materials and protect valuable resources.