Recíclame Perú

Member since: 08/2022

Active in: WG Plastics

Recíclame Perú

We are a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the transition from linear economies to circular economies, through knowledge management, technical education and the promotion of public policies focused on the recycling chain for the sustainability and competitiveness of Peru. We are an association that gathers some of the biggest companies in the Peruvian market related to packaging. Our goal is to be an environmental technical reference, promoter of the circular economy, articulator of the recycling chain and an active linking agent at the national and regional level, between society, the Government, the interested parties and the industry.

In Recíclame, we develop projects to support the transition to a Circular Economy in the industries of Peru. Becoming a member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance means to participate in the international debate about the key technical aspects of this transition. For us, it is an opportunity to learn and exchange experiences with colleagues all around the world.

For Recíclame, Circular Economy means increasing the competitiveness of local industries in a sustainable way, making an effective use of resources and creating value for every stakeholder in the chain. Our work focuses on promoting recycling to recover value from waste and closing the loop. In that process, we understand that every actor in the chain is key to creating a sustainable recycling system.