Reciclad’OR S.A.

Member since: 10/2020

Active in: WG Plastics

Reciclad’OR S.A.

Reciclad’OR S.A. is an Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) organization that supports producers, importers, retailers, and local municipalities in fulfilling their legal obligations regarding the recycling of packaging waste. Leader of the Romanian market, with an integrated portfolio of services specific to the packaging and packaging waste management, Reciclad’OR S.A. has contracts with over 700 companies and has developed hundreds of partnerships with local municipalities, professional organizations, NG0s, and other institutions.

Considering Reciclad’OR’s strategic goal of providing its clients and partners with a successful transition to the Circular Economy, Prevent Waste Alliance affiliation came naturally.
Connecting with different stakeholders with different perspectives we want, based on exchanging experience, to help our clients to adopt the best and most innovative solutions in the transition to the circular economy. We have already an international experience and we are focusing on waste prevention and minimization, reusability, separate collection, plastic packaging, single use plastic and resources efficiency.

In our point of view circular economy is the only way to surpass the planetary limits. In our point of view the shift from linear economy to circular economy generates a sustaining economic growth for our clients. It is a long term approach and this could be possible only through a serious rearrangement of the economic inputs and outputs in all their supply chains. The circular economy will deliver not only better resource efficiency but a more sustainable future for everyone on the planet.