Recicla Electrónicos Mexico

Member since: 09/2021

Active in: WG E-Waste

Recicla Electrónicos Mexico

Recicla Electrónicos México is an e-waste recycling centre located in México. We have vast experience in collection, reverse logistics, recycling and treatment of obsolete electronics products in the country, being the first ones to work under the circular economy model. Our mission is to raise awareness about reduce, reuse, recycling and taking action towards a circular economy to attend the climate change problem, and as a consequence to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions caused by obsolete electronics.

Mainly, because we want to learn and know new tendencies and strategies around circular economy and e-waste. Also we want the world to know about our country scenario and how we approach the obsolete electronics problem, sharing our experiences and findings in the area.

As a company, we believe that circular economy is a necessary step and a solution to environmental problems, production and consumption rhythm that society lives by. We adopted the model seeking solutions to obsolete products, prolonging its useful life so they can’t be send to landfills; thanks to that, our business model changed, offering a complete integral service that starts with education to raise awareness about e-waste, passing to recycling and reusing certain components, used to create educational kits for engineering and high school students. That way we tackle the problematic from the citizens side, being them and important link.