Punjab Rural Support Programme

Member since: 12/2020

Active in: WG Framework conditions


Punjab Rural Support Programme

PRSP is a non-profit organization in the private sector registered as a Public Limited Company under section 42 of Companies Act 2017. The Organization is dedicated to the development of rural communities with interventions in areas like income generation, health, education, rural infrastructure, sanitation and solid waste management. PRSP has 53 Social Mobilization Teams and 7 Credit Group Branches in19 district of Punjab province of Pakistan. With regards to solid waste management, PRSP is targeting the rural areas of Punjab, educating the local community about the clean environment, management of solid waste and recycling of waste by implementing projects with help of different donors and Govt. institutions.

Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan with 53% of its 207 million people living the province. It has 25,916 villages with average per village population of 2643. In the absence of municipal services in most of these villages, solid waste collection and disposal is a major challenge. Pakistan is one of the most polluted countries of the world.

The PREVENT Waste Alliance is promoting coordination between institutions working on solid waste management and circular economy. This is important for PRSP as we could learn from the experiences of other organisations shared through the alliance. In addition, the network could be used to explore opportunities and avenues for the implementation of interventions and pilot projects regarding waste management and circular economy.

PRSP is doing most of its work in rural areas of Punjab where the people are poorer and need ideas for having better life through judiciously utilisation of available resources and by harnessing the human potential. Therefore, PRSP mobilises and educates rural communities for income generation ideas which could also include waste recycling and income generation through circular economy.