Premier Bulk Liquids Alliance

Member since: 01/2021

Active in: WG Plastics

Premier Bulk Liquids Alliance

The PBLA was created for logistics companies who have a dedicated bulk liquids division, with the aim of uniting local heroes in the bulk liquid logistics industry empowering them to become bigger and better players in the international market in a fast-growing sector like the flexitank industry. By supporting each other under the PBLA umbrella, members can approach larger corporate accounts and obtain more business whilst offering expert bulk liquid logistics solutions. The union of these in-house experts around the world is what gives our unique Alliance its strength and service offering.

We wanted to become a member so as to better inform ourselves and our members of options for recovering and recycling used flexitank material of which well 1 – 1.5 million units per year are shipped and disposed of annually around the world. On average each unit (flexibag) weighs 50kg and this market is growing at over 15% per year so recovery of the material used is increasingly important to substantially improve the sustainability of the bulk liquid supply chain.

For us, it is a high priority to move towards low-carbon business models to reduce or mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. We have ambitious targets related to reducing carbon emissions, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, and increasing the recovery and recycling of packaging material such as flexitanks. Circular economy for the PBLA means achieving total commitment from all its members to encourage and facilitate recovery and recycling of all flexitank material they use for transporting bulk liquids, so as to guarantee this plastic material becomes new feedstock for manufacturing of other plastic goods.