Plogging Kenya

Member since: 04/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions

Plogging Kenya

We are a youth led charity organisation (NGO) by the name Plogging Kenya. At Plogging Kenya we organise outdoor events like jogging, walking, hiking or cycling as we collect waste along the trail. We make use of such events to push for behaviour change campaign and attitude change on how we handle waste management. We also run other programmes on areas of: 1. Climate action and forest restoration 2. School waste programme 3. Waste management: Clean Up events 4. Conservation Agriculture 5. Water sanitation and hygiene

The main reason why we became a members is because of networking opportunities, exchange programmes as well as access to grants and funds from calls available on the platform.

In Kenya, we currently use a linear economy but as NGO we intend to change and advocate for the circular economy among companies and also train the young in schools for mind and attitude change. For instance, linear is all about take/make, use, dispose and pollute while circular economy is make, use, reuse, remake and recycle.
Circular economy is the future and with this partnership we shall learn a lot.