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“plastsave” Umwelttechnik KG

After two years of development and six years until the patent was granted, "plastsave" Umwelttechnik presents a device and a process for separating hard plastics from many areas such as production scrap or municipal waste, from motor vehicle recycling or also the recycling of electronic scrap. A development of "plastsave" that had already taken place in earlier years concerned the area of cleaning and paint removal from plastic regrinds with surface finishes, such as from the motor vehicle sector (exterior body parts). This helped to reuse these high-quality and expensive plastics in a way that was not possible before. "plastsave" makes its patent available to an interested national and international market in the course of granting licences.

With its patented sorting technology for ground plastic goods, “plastsave” Umwelttechnik KG would like to demonstrate a new way in which sorting can contribute to recycling and resource conservation without high-tech infrastructure and at low cost in terms of investment planning and material and energy consumption. This is predestined not only for national use as an alternative option, but also internationally in countries without developed technical infrastructures, such as on the African continent. The waste dumped there could then be sensibly recycled.
For too long, the convenient path of destroying recyclable materials has been taken. Plastic recycling from municipal waste is active waste avoidance and thus documents the possible end of a waste property.

With the term “circular economy” we see, if everyone participates, the possibility that it comes to a circle…
… and hopefully stays