Plastic Free Campus – Kampus Bebas Plastik

Indonesia • 6. July 2021

Plastic Free Campus – Kampus Bebas Plastik

Plastic Free Campus (PFC) is now available in Indonesia. The free online program for Indonesian students and teachers is dedicated to helping schools fight single-use plastic pollution worldwide.

The new online program PFC helps schools to make a difference for the environment and our own health.


  • Plastic pollution is a real issue – just look around
  • Plastics are made from oil and gas and their production harms our environment from added greenhouse gases.
  • Nature can’t digest it, Plastics break UP into smaller pieces called micro-plastics. It never breaks down.
  • Plastics affect millions of sea and land creatures who are injured or killed eating them.
  • Plastics are now found everywhere: in our food, drink, in nature and all over the planet.
  • Plastic food and drink packaging often contain harmful chemical additives that affect human health.

Therefore, we need to kick the plastics habit.


  • Enabling schools and communities to make a meaningful environmental impact
  • Inspiring students to adopt sustainable values within their own live
  • Empowering them throughout the art of negotiation and self-guided research.


The Plastic Free Campus consists of free online modules. The program is ongoing available. Students will find assignments in each module and their teachers need to verify their input before their task is approved in the web system.

The modules can be downloaded and printed. The program was developed by Gallifrey Foundation (GF). In collaboration with GF, the Indonesian Waste Platform collects data about the progress.

Find out more about the free online program for Indonesian students and teachers here.


(c) Picture: Plastic Free Campus / Indonesian Waste Platform