Plastic Fischer

Member since: 02/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions

Plastic Fischer

Plastic Fischer is a Germany based social enterprise that collects plastic waste from rivers to prevent it from entering the oceans. They develop and use low-tech solutions to stop and remove the plastic. The technologies are built from locally available materials and manufactured by locals. This approach allows scalability at low cost and repairment within a short time. Currently, Plastic Fischer is operating in Indonesia, India and Vietnam. The business model is based on Plastic Footprint Compensation for businesses. These customer companies pay Plastic Fischer per ton collected and receive proof of the collection, sorting and recycling/disposal process.

We believe that it needs a strong network of like minded people and organisations to have a chance to solve the plastic crisis. Quite a lot of organisations we are in contact with are already members of PREVENT and we wanted to join that alliance to become an active part in exchanging ideas, learnings and expertise.

We exist, because the current economy is far away from being circular. Most of the plastic we collect in rivers is single use plastic. By efficiently sorting the plastic we want to reintroduce plastic into the supply chain and raise the recycling rate and prevent it from ending up at landfills. We are looking for strong partnerships with local social enterprises and startups that work on processing non-recyclable plastic or offer alternatives to the use of single use plastic.