Plastic Credit Exchange

Member since: 11/2021

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Plastic Credit Exchange

Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) is the world's first global, non-profit, fully integrated plastic offset platform which offers a seamless, traceable and effective solution to offsetting post-consumer plastics responsibly away from landfills and oceans. We're mobilizing businesses in the fight against plastic waste. We help businesses responsibly offset their plastics footprint by reducing the flow of plastic waste into the environment. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the use of plastics in our products and our lives. We partner with communities in some of the most polluted areas in the world, empowering them to clean up the plastic waste already in their backyards.

Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) strongly believes that the strength of the plastic circular economy is through collective action and alignment with the various stakeholders. The mission, vision and the initiatives of the PREVENT Waste Alliance is in harmony with PCX’s Plastic Pollution Reduction Standards. We believe that we can contribute with the alliance’s initiatives and we will also learn from our co-members in developing the space and providing a comprehensive solution set in solving the plastic pollution crisis.

Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) builds on the value of the circular economy in meeting the challenges of plastic pollution. Plastic Credits provide a way for organizations to support communities in the clean up, recovery and processing of the post-consumer plastics which tend to end up in nature. PCX intends to use the plastic credits and certifications on becoming plastic neutral or plastic negative to provide a sustainable and long-term commitment from partners to feed this circular economy.