ReduCE-waste Tanzania




  • Policy makers
  • Responsible authorities of exporting and importing countries
  • Customs officials, inspectors


  • Need to improve data on and control related to imports of used and waste electronics into Tanzania
  • Need for local implementation and harmonisation across the East Africa Region on how to tackle transboundary waste shipments


The project supports the Tanzanian government in setting up mechanisms to reduce, control and assess imports of e-waste. It analyses transboundary e-waste flows, contributes to develop and pilot a national strategy and helps to strengthen local capacities for import control. The project will be scaled to other East African countries.


The Tanzanian Government addressed the need to reduce and control imports of e-waste with Used Electronic and Electrical Equipment (UEEE) into the country. This project therefore aims at analysing these imports and implementing the Basel Convention Technical Guidelines in Tanzania. The implemented UEEE and e-waste control and management system will be pilot tested at import points of UEEE and e-waste to ensure that the approach is realistic, practicable and enforceable. The system can, via EACO, serve as a template for other countries in the East African region. The Tanzanian Government considers the findings from the import assessment as an innovative contribution to the implementation of an e-waste management system based on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).


End 2021

Used and waste electronics imports into Tanzania analysed to develop national implementation plan of Basel Convention Technical Guidelines

Mid 2022

Trainings conducted and protocols on management and control of waste and used electronics imports pilot tested

Mid 2022

Tested system rolled-out in Tanzania and replication in the East Africa Region enabled

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