Enhancing awareness and employment in Serbia & Bosnia-Herzegovina 2


Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina


  • Informal waste collectors
  • Small and medium-sized recyclers
  • General public


Lack of awareness on how to deal with hazardous plastic waste


This project aims to enhance plastic recycling capacities in Serbia by transferring operational expertise and professionalise waste workers from vulnerable groups. Through media campaigns, awareness and knowledge for waste reduction and segregation will be increased for Serbian and Bosnian citizens.


In this project, recycling in Serbia shall be enhanced while supporting vulnerable groups with legal employment.
Therefore, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V., an international non-governmental organisation, connects local small-medium recycling companies (Ekoplast & Roma Humanitarian Center) in Serbia with Rodiek, a member of the German waste management and recycling company group Nehlsen. Business plans and an option for increasing recycling streams in regards to plastics will be developed, including identification of respective technical equipment, mandatory skills, standard operating procedures and health and safety plans.
At the same time, Help e.V. will identify informal waste collectors from vulnerable groups, which shall eventually be employed through the Serbian recycling company. This group will be trained in properly handling plastic waste and equipped with personal protective and working equipment.
Furthermore, an informative awareness raising campaign on plastic waste will be created and launched in Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia. The population will be sensitized about the environmental impact of plastic waste by using The Fortunate Planet App which also provides information about recycling and respective centres to deliver plastic waste.


End 2021

Training programme for vulnerable groups started

End 2021

Business plan for Serbian recycler developed to increase operational and technical capacities

End 2021

Awareness campaign launched in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

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