Guideline organic waste treatment Ethiopia




  • German and Ethiopian waste management companies
  • National and international experts
  • Policy makers and public administration


  • Little sustainable management of organic waste
  • Lack of framework conditions, organisations, technologies, business opportunities and funding


The aim of the project is to develop a legal, technical and economic guideline for dealing with organic waste as a basic strategy for politics, administration, research and the private sector for East African countries, using the example of Ethiopia.


In order to demonstrate solutions for organic waste management in African countries, this project targets four key activities: building a strong network with local stakeholders, analysing the current state of organic waste treatment in the East African Region, elaborating a proposal for suitable technical solutions, and transferring knowledge to relevant target groups. 

The guideline shall be a substantiated basis to apprise decision-makers of a range of efficient and well-proven technical solutions in organic waste handling and give planners and builders a good starting point for future planning.

The participatory process shall lead to fruitful collaborations, which will support Ethiopia and other East African countries to grow towards a more circular and sustainable economy, reducing environmental issues caused by inappropriate management of organic waste.


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Mid 2021

Relevant stakeholders organised in working group

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Mid 2022

Analysis of status quo on organic potential available for African countries, specifically Ethiopia

Mid 2022

Guidelines for suitable technical solutions for organic waste published in African countries, specifically Ethiopia

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