Philips monitors joins forces with PREVENT pilot project on e-waste compensation

13. October 2021

Philips monitors joins forces with PREVENT pilot project on e-waste compensation

MMD, the leading display specialist and brand license partner for Philips monitors, announced their collaboration with Closing the Loop and TCO Development in the PREVENT pilot project in Nigeria to sustainably reduce monitor waste.

With Closing the Loop (CTL) and TCO Development, Philips monitors is now making a sustainable step in facing the e-waste challenge. By becoming a compensation client of CTL within the PREVENT pilot project “E-Waste compensation as an international financing mechanism in Nigeria (ECoN)”, Philips monitors supports CTL, Öko-Institute e.V. and the local Nigerian partners in expanding a proven waste compensation scheme to include monitor waste and to expand the certification TCO Certified Edge, E-waste compensated.

Waste compensation closes the loop of electronics’ life cycles – for a fee added to the purchase price of new electronics, CTL works with local partners to collect scrap devices and recycle them safely. The collected waste is used to compensate a new device; it makes that device waste-neutral. To expand the compensation scheme to include monitors, CTL and Philips monitors work together with the German Öko-Institut, a leading, independent environmental research and consultancy organisation, to prove and confirm the process for monitors. CTL ensures the traceability, shipping and safe recycling of the collected waste, while Öko-Institut focuses on environmental and social risks as well as ensuring the service is solid. The team is completed by the local partners Hinckley Recycling, SRADev and Verde Impacto who will develop and roll out the implementation plan in Nigeria, engage local stakeholders and contribute to research.

“We are really excited to team up with Philips monitors to confirm that reducing the amount of electronic waste makes business, environmental and social sense. It’s great to be able to work with a partner who shares our motivation to change our planet for the better and is ready to take ’business for good’ to the next level by engaging with the ECoN pilot project, funding legal and responsible collection and treatment of e-waste in developing countries. With Philips monitors by our side, we’re sure the expansion of waste compensation to screens will be a success,” says Joost de Kluijver, Founder and CEO at CTL.

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(c) Picture: Closing the Loop