Papier-Mettler KG

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Active in: WG Plastics

Papier-Mettler KG

Papier-Mettler is the European market leader in the paper and plastics service packaging sector, as well as one of the market leading manufacturers of flexible packaging. Our product portfolio spans packaging solutions for use in both the food and non-food sectors. We serve customers from both trade and industry. Whether it’s carrier bags, online mailing bags, packaging solutions for fast-food and takeaway outlets or bakeries and butchers, MAP trays or flexible foils - we offer everything under one roof. Used packaging is valuable recyclable material. Our environmentally-friendly recycling processes guarantee long-term and cost-saving usage. We also process used flexible plastic packaging back into valuable raw materials and guarantee consistent levels of quality. We provide a secure recycling life cycle.

As a packaging manufacturing, we’re aware of our particular responsibilities. As such, the idea of sustainability isn’t just another trend at Papier-Mettler, but rather a conviction we’ve held firm for decades.
We see climate change and the scarcity of fossil resources as the greatest ecological challenge facing the world. And it’s as a company that we can have the greatest influence. We develop materials made from renewable or recycled raw materials with the aim of making alternative packaging solutions accessible to the mass market. Our long-term strategy targets innovations designed to lighten the load on the environment.

We’re always looking for solutions to reuse packaging after its initial use. Even from the early development stage, we’re assessing our products for potential reuse. Our goal will only be achieved when we can implement closed material life cycles. Papier-Mettler covers the entire life cycle of a product – from manufacturing to usage and disposal. We’ve been working on our specially-developed recycling concept continuously since 1992 – both in the paper and plastics sectors. As such, our motto is always: reduce, reuse, recycle.