Pakam Technology Limited

Member since: 12/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions

Pakam Technology Limited

Pakam (Pakam Technology Limited) is a next-generation unified waste management collection and reporting software platform, enabling circularity by bringing waste and its stakeholders to a win-win transaction. Pakam will connect waste from the generating public and/or businesses to waste companies in real-time, activate transactions in real-time, and generate actionable insight reports in real-time. Furthermore, with Pakam waste companies/managers will operate smarter and more digitally, thereby having a centralized pool of actionable databases for their businesses which in turn will help in policy formulation, budgetary articulation, and resource allocation. Pakam is a product and a company that is managed by XRubicon Solutions Limited a software development company in Nigeria.

We join the PREVENT Waste Alliance to contribute knowledge to global challenges in waste management and the need to build circularity in waste management with local digital solutions that work.

A circular economy to us is creating a zero-waste economy where nothing is really wasted.