New online course “Going Circular: The EPR Guide”

Online • 14. June 2021

New online course “Going Circular: The EPR Guide”

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy principle which can help eliminate pollution through packaging waste, moving towards a circular economy. The new online course introduces the concept and key elements of EPR schemes. Beyond that, it is a practical guide for the introduction of EPR, particularly in developing countries.

Mismanaged packaging waste is increasingly harming the environment, health, and economies, particularly in developing countries. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is key to solving this problem and transitioning towards a circular economy. It supports waste management and incentivizes changes in packaging design. But how does it work? What aspects need to be considered when setting up EPR schemes? And how can it be put into practice?

“Going Circular: The EPR Guide” answers these questions. It is a free, open-access online course produced by WWF in collaboration with the PREVENT Waste Alliance and their EPR Toolbox, as well as numerous experts on EPR worldwide. The course equips learners with the tools to promote locally adapted EPR schemes for packaging.

Access the course by clicking here.

Picture: WWF