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Ocean Recovery Alliance

Ocean Recovery Alliance is an NGO focused on creating innovative solutions and collaborations to improve the health of the ocean. It was founded in Hong Kong, and is also registered in California. The group was founded by Doug Woodring, a long time Hong Kong resident of over 23 years, who among other accolades, was recently awarded the coveted Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy by Prince Albert of Monaco. Its network of organizations, entrepreneurs and innovators, particularly related to plastic sustainability and circularity, but also dedicated to broad ocean governance and new thought leadership, helps create engaged and active dialogue where gaps often occur due to between entities that often do not have a history of working with one another. It is these new partnerships and forms of collaborative participation that lead to scalable opportunities for new success stories and replication. The network that Ocean Recovery Alliance brings together, via ten years of leadership in plastic pollution issues, with over 25 years of experience working in Asia, brings powerful options for innovative program creation and leveraged advice on sustainable global development, particularly where the ocean, waters and the environment are concerned. The group is actively involved in global programs, dialogues, strategy planning and forums that include work with United Nations Environment, the World Bank, The Economist World Ocean Summit, Our Ocean, the Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility, SPREP, corporations, government leaders, the plastic industry and leading NGOs. For example, the Plasticity Forum, organized by the group for the past eight years, has created a platform of common ground where experiences are shared, partnerships initiated and members pursue new collaborations to achieve the recovery and use of plastic in its second life. It is also currently working on the introduction of new Clean Tax Cuts and barrier free green capital markets which can be deployed globally, for driving needed investment and innovation in the sector of recycling, resource recovery and broad environmental industry expansion.