Member since: 07/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions


NIDISIs are non-profit driven encouragers and enablers of mindset transformation. Our purpose is to prove project by project that it is possible to create sustainable value for our society, our environment, and our economy at the same time as they are not mutually exclusive. With our Revalue Project we offer a partnership for companies that want to reduce the existing plastic waste. Since NIDISI will be a certificated plastic credit organisation in 2022, we long to offset the production by recycling non-recyclable plastic. The money generated through these processes is reinvested in improving the recycling infrastructure in Nepal.

When we realise that all the technical solutions to all the challenges of the 21st century already exist, we realise even more that we will only be able to solve these challenges in cooperation, in working together. We are part of this network to share experiences and implement solutions together. Especially the exchange around Plastic Credits is a matter of concern to us.

Circular economy is a design challenge. How do we design and shape our products so that all materials are always biodegradable or stay in a technical cycle forever? Plastic waste has only become waste because it has been designed so that it cannot be reused. NIDISI combats the consequences of poorly designed plastic products in Nepal by providing recycling infrastructure. We also address the causes by encouraging companies to rethink their product design in the medium term to use significantly less plastic in their production. In addition, NIDISI is in the process of designing its own product (biodegradable menstrual pads) that meets the requirements of the circular economy.