Munch Innovation

Member since: 08/2020

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions

Munch Innovation

Munch Innovation offers green value products that serve to be an alternative to single use plastics used predominantly for serving meals in sectors where high volumes of food and beverage containers are used. Our products offer the benefit of an edible packaging solution so that there is no or minimal waste after having a meal or drink. These edible products are simple but versatile in use and can offer solutions around waste minimization and supporting feeding programs.

We would like to showcase our initiative and share knowledge and learnings with all the members on a global platform. We want to be a contributor to an improved environment that is not plagued with plastic waste and where societies can benefit, but also be a good example of implementing good practice.

The circular economy is part of our business model. We are aiming to ensure all our products fit into the circular economy model and the end customer is benefiting from this approach. Through our various stages of production and together with our supply chain partners we want to show a developmental commitment to achieving circular economy. This practice will ensure all partners of our value chain are heeding the call to an improved and sustained environment.