MELT Collective Society

Member since: 12/2019

Active in: WG Plastics

MELT Collective Society


The not-for-profit MELT Collective is a successful and innovative circular economy focused FabLab at the University of British Columbia (Canada). INDOxMELT is an offshoot of MELT with a focus in Indonesia. Together with local partners we develop community based Circular Economy FabLabs to create Small Island Plastic Solutions in Indonesia. INDOxMELT confronts the unprecedented socio-ecological problems of waste from transcultural lenses and builds its projects interdisciplinarily, through Engineering, Human Geography, Architecture, Design, Social/Cultural Anthropology and Entrepreneurship. Our applied research projects and educational events center around to waste at universities in Canada, Indonesia and Germany.

We became a member of the alliance because we wish to connect and exchange information with other members and partners of the alliance in order to create systems change towards community-based circular economy production methods.

MELT strives for systems change towards Circular Economy achieved through holistic understanding across disciplines. Our goal is to systematically shape materials and products entering small island ecosystems in Indonesia as cutting-edge examples of circular economy in practice and to create a replicable, distributed model for small islands. We identify problematic waste sources through waste flow mapping and intervene in the system to design alternative futures to them through innovative material & social solutions (plastic transformation workshops, business model innovation, enabling purchaser’s coops, innovative education methods).