PT. Mall Sampah Indonesia

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PT. Mall Sampah Indonesia

We're a digital recycling infrastructure, focused on a collection system by using a network of local waste collectors-scavengers and integrating everyone to recycle their post-consumption product through our platform. Our main business model is using waste recovery data from our ecosystem, it can help brands to offset their post-consumer product, to transform into a circular economy by applying the EPR scheme. This approach will accelerate Indonesian goals to achieve free waste and increase economic growth in the informal sector by our digital ecosystem.

For increasing the recycling rate through our programs using the circular economy approach, we realise that we could not move alone without any collaboration and join into national and international alliances/organisations. In addition, our vision is similar “increasing the implementation of circular economy” to tackle climate change.

The core of our digital ecosystem is a circular economy where we connect everyone to recycle, using a network of informal waste collectors. Then, by applying open-loop recycling, the recycled materials could be used for different purposes as an input into new raw material or recycled products in another manufacturing. Related to that, we have EPR and DRS programs for helping brands transform into a circular economy.