Lectures about Waste Management and Circular Economy for EVERYONE

Online • 4. November 2021

Lectures about Waste Management and Circular Economy for EVERYONE

The German-Mena University Network has started its second lecture series. Students from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco will be participating to interdisciplinary lectures about waste management and circular economy. Next to the universities of Rostock, Hamburg and Dresden external lecturers from the companies Ramboll, Expra, Black Forest Solutions, INFA GmbH and BN Umwelt GmbH will be presenting.

In order to develop a well-functioning waste management system knowledge is needed. This does not only refer to how the facilities should be built and what treatment techniques should be used, but also what regulations and financing systems are needed to ensure a smooth running of the waste system. If future decision makers know how important it is for the public health, the environment and future resource stability to treat waste properly, they will support the establishment of a sound waste management.

In order to convey this knowledge, the German-MENA-university network holds lectures every Thursday from 10 AM – 1PM CET. Everyone who is curious is welcome to join the lecture. If after listening to some of the lectures, you are interested to implement waste lecture series in your country, please feel free to contact us (isla_marie.hodgkinson@tu-dresden.de).

Every Thursday, 10 AM – 1 PM CET: 

Download the programme here.