Don’t waste the opportunity to learn more about how not to waste

Online • 9. March 2022

Don’t waste the opportunity to learn more about how not to waste

How do we treat waste? And how can we implement the 3Rs? The German-MENA University Network – a pilot project supported by the PREVENT Waste Alliance, tackles these kinds of questions in their lecture series. And the best part? – Everyone is invited!


On Thursday, February 24th the third and final lecture series of the German-MENA University Network started. Prof Kerstin Kutcha of the TU Hamburg with her introduction to circular economy sparked off a vivid question round by the audience; to the point that the subsequent presenter Jinyang Guo (TUHH) had less time to give successful examples of circular economy. However, he flexibly managed the change in schedule, as questions and discussions are always welcome to the German-MENA University Network.

The project headed by Dr Abdallah Nassour from the University of Rostock is focusing on capacity building in the MENA region. For this the three Germany universities, University of Rostock (UR), the University of Hamburg (TUHH) and the Technical TU Dresden (TUD), are organising for and also in collaboration with four universities in the MENA region a lecture program about waste management and circular economy (Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Constantine university 3 (Algeria), Ain Shams University (Egypt), Cadi Ayyad University (Morocco)).

In the last year already two lecture series were hold and the material will be uploaded onto the Hamburg Open Online University this year before the project comes to an end.

In the following weeks on Thursdays, CET 9AM till 12PM, everyone is welcome to join the lectures. As the program shows the upcoming lectures will be a festival of expertise and knowledge as not only the professors and scientific staff of the universities will be holding lectures but also external experts who hold a lot of practical experience in the field of waste management.

If you are interested in joining the lectures, you can simply join via this Zoom Link. If you are interested in also receiving e-mails about possible schedule changes, please register with the following registration form.