Leadership Training for Multipliers

Wuppertal • 6. February 2023 10. February 2023

Leadership Training for Multipliers

We will start 2023 with an exciting leadership training for multipliers!

The training will support circular economy change agents to develop individual and collective leadership skills, to jointly find solutions, to act as multipliers for effective leadership within their spheres of influence, and to make a difference for the circular economy.

We live in a time of many crises. With a growing population and increasing demand for resources, the planet is facing climate change, loss of resources, and waste pollution. The future is highly unpredictable, the working environment is changing at high speed. At the same time, times of disruption hold the opportunity for profound and positive change. Humankind has the potential to make use of crises and transform society in a way that is beneficial to mankind and nature alike.

In this context, public and private actors are increasingly looking to develop and integrate circular economy approaches to address these crises and meet international goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals. It is evident that business as usual will not lead to required effective solutions. In fact, the unprecedented crises humanity is facing call for unprecedented solutions that are systemic, emergent, participatory and supportive of a social and ecological transformation. And this, in turn, requires great leadership, namely wise and effective engagement for a healthy planet and people.

With the PREVENT Leadership Training for Multipliers, circular economy change agents engage in cutting-edge leadership learning to develop individual and collective leadership skills to make a difference for the circular economy, to jointly find solutions, and to act as multipliers for effective leadership within their spheres of influence.

The training will focus on four dimensions of transitional change: Team, Organisation, Society and Self. It will include “simple habits for complex times”, easy-to-use practices and tools for everyday formal and informal leadership work. The course will help 16 selected change makers from the PREVENT Waste Alliance to

  • Re-direct their attention to see the larger system: Understanding systemic connections, embracing uncertainty, and providing orientation.
  • Take care of themselves: Practicing mindful leadership, applying self-reflection, focusing attention, and using personal resources wisely and efficiently.
  • Encourage reflection and fresh thinking: Supporting courageous acting and learning, being highly culturally sensitive, and facilitating a new culture of co-creation based on participation and dialogue.
  • Embrace sustainable values: Walking the talk of sustainability, compassion, and fairness in their daily life.