LC Packaging GmbH

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Active in: WG Plastics

LC Packaging GmbH

LC Packaging is a family owned company that has been active in the packaging industry for four generations, specializing in the production and sale of innovative packaging solutions for industrial bulk goods (flexible intermediate bulk container - "FIBC") amongst others. Based on our corporate values, Committed - Reliable - Loyal, we hold a leading position in Europe and Africa. To us, quality means much more than the strength of our packaging, it is about the materials we use, transport, storage and our services. Quality also includes the working conditions under which our packaging is manufactured as well as reducing our ecological footprint.

The development of sustainable packaging solutions is an integral part of our company strategy. LC Packaging wants to develop new technologies and processes to avoid plastic waste by creating circular after-use solutions. Most of our FIBC packaging is used as B2B-packaging and we believe that, together with partners in the supply chain, we can achieve more and changes can be implemented more quickly. We are therefore continuously looking for industry partners along our supply chain. It is also particularly important to us to support initiatives within local communities in emerging countries, such as India, Bangladesh and South Africa, where we manufacture our packaging.

LC Packaging intends to develop a closed loop formula for FIBC’s to significantly and sustainably reduce plastic waste worldwide. We want to make sure that our flexible plastic packaging can be reused (and will be reused) as often as possible. In addition, we aim to develop high-quality recycling initiatives to recycle FIBCs that cannot be used multiple times or that have already reached the end of life cycle.. After recycling, the raw material can be used again for applications of the same value level or ideally for the production of similar FIBC-Packaging. We have already been able to produce so-called rPP packaging with up to 50% recycled granulate.