Global Launch of Waste Wise Cities Tool

Online • 25. January 2021

Global Launch of Waste Wise Cities Tool

Mismanaged waste is negatively impacting on public health and our environment, especially contributing to soil degradation, climate change and marine litter pollution. UN-Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities Tool gives local governments the necessary data at hand to plan meaningful interventions and sustainably improve their solid waste management systems. Join the Launch on 2nd February!

When waste is effectively and appropriately managed, it represents an important economic resource and promotes a circular economy, improves public health, creates jobs and reduces cities’ environmental footprint. Reliable and city specific data, e.g. the quantity of waste generated and its characteristics, need to be available to design, plan, and implement effective solutions. The Waste Wise Cities Tool (WaCT) makes the process of collecting data on solid waste management easier and supports city officials in improving waste management in their cities. It can also guide NGOs, educational institutions, and other stakeholders in their efforts to spread good practices on waste management.

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Picture: UN Habitat