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Landbell Group

Landbell Group is a leading provider of environmental and chemical compliance services and consulting to help companies implement their extended producer responsibility and other product and packaging related requirements. In addition to take-back systems for various waste streams, the company offers comprehensive consulting services and software. Landbell was founded in Germany in 1995 as a take-back system for packaging. The company now operates 35 take-back systems in 15 countries. Together, more than 3.5 million tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment, more than 7 million tonnes of packaging and more than 65,000 tonnes of spent batteries have been collected and recycled to a high standard. The Landbell Group includes the European Recycling Platform, the only pan-European take-back system for old electrical equipment, packaging and batteries, DS Entsorgungs- und Dienstleistungs-GmbH, which specialises in site disposal and transport packaging, and the software company H2 Compliance. In 2014, Landbell Group also launched the Green Alley Award, which is presented every year to particularly innovative start-ups and companies in the environmental service branch.

Landbell Group has been working to develop a worldwide circular economy for over 20 years. Through its return systems and consultancy services, it is making a major contribution to increasing the proportion of electrical devices, packaging and used batteries that is collected and re-used, as well as accelerating the transition from a linear economic model to a circular one in Europe and all over the world. Landbell wants to share its many years of experience with as many countries and regions as possible and support them in their transitions towards a circular economy. Effective, environmentally-friendly collection and recycling solutions that take account of societal and health considerations are lacking in many countries, especially in the developing world and among emerging economies. Landbell firmly believes that international cooperation and intensive dialogue between companies, scientists, civil society and public institutions represents the best way of driving the circular economy forward worldwide, protecting our environment, combating climate change and creating value on the ground. This is precisely the approach the PREVENT Waste Alliance is taking. Landbell is proud to be a part of it and to contribute its many years of expertise.

Climate change, environmental pollution and scare resources are just three reasons to move towards a circular economy. Others include the fact that it encourages innovation, creates jobs, and safeguards our standard of living. Landbell Group has been contributing to the development of a circular economy for over 20 years, and feels it has a duty to continue its determined progress down this road. The company never stops working to perfect and expand its return systems and consultancy services, and is committed to investing in new technologies, digitalisation and innovation to make its solutions more effective, more transparent and simpler. Landbell is also playing an active part in projects designed to encourage innovative business ideas, including as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. Our commitment to encouraging these ideas was what spurred us to set up the Green Alley Award. It is presented annually and intended to serve as a springboard for start-ups in the circular economy, helping them to develop their innovative business ideas.