Kassel University, Endowment Chair for Sustainable Marketing

The team in the specialist field of sustainable marketing at the University of Kassel is researching and teaching on the topics of waste management, sustainable tourism and biodiversity in emerging and developing countries/islands. International collaborations with NGOs, universities and other public institutions create successful collaborations between research and practice and are supported by international research projects, workshops and conferences. Our areas of focus: • Development of tourism and its impact/consequences on local biodiversity. • Waste management behaviour of hotels, the local population and tourists. • Waste management and reduction, specifically of plastic rubbish in the aviation industry and in poverty-stricken countries/island states such as India, Mauritius, Brazil, Palestine and Guatemala. • Relevance of certifications for the selection of destinations, hotels and trip organisers.

The team at the University of Kassel is always interested in networking, exchange and collaborative research. Collaboration with scientists and entrepreneurs is essential for the global waste problem with all its challenges. We have become partners in order to kick off new projects, to share our knowledge and previous experience with members of the alliance, to define new challenges in the battle against waste, and to supportively introduce new perspectives and scientific methods into practice.

A design task on which natural and behavioural scientists must cooperate with practitioners to find the solution. A particular challenge arises from the adaptation of consumer habits as well as the distance between the individual stakeholders in the cycle (north-south exchange).