geTon Initiative

Member since: 08/2020

Active in: WG Plastics

geTon Initiative

We are an agile alliance of companies from the packaging industry, including brand manufacturers and trading firms as well as the dual systems and recycling companies. We are concerned with the sound handling of plastics and plastic packaging and the organisation of an efficient and exemplary circular economy. This means: rethinking. With consumers, politicians, associations and companies. Our goals are clear: In order to conserve resource, we must avoid plastic wherever it makes sense. Starting with the manufacturing process, we must pay attention to recyclability. Our recycling technology must be of high quality and effective, so that a real cycle is created. Members: Alpla, Procter&Gamble, Der Grüne Punkt, Remondis, Greencycle (Schwarz Group), Jokey.

geTon pursues two aspects regarding plastics: Firstly, material recycling is better than its reputation. Secondly, correct waste separation is active environmental protection. It is important to defend the collection and recycling system in Germany against false reports and myths (“…it’s going to be burned anyway.”). However, since associations represent their industry, companies their business model, politicians their electoral clientele, NGOs their niche and the media the scandalous side of the issue, nobody clearly says: without recycling, Germany cannot achieve its climate targets. It is time to rethink – beyond individual interests and for the protection of the environment as a consistent step into the future.

In the past 15 years, communication on the separation of recyclable materials has been neglected. Whole generations know too little about the issue, while it is becoming increasingly urgent: With Fridays For Future and climate change, the pollution of the world’s oceans with plastic remains at the top of the socio-political agenda, even after the Corona crisis. Plastic packaging must increase its recyclability to the extent of glass and paper if the existing system is to be made sustainable.