Indonesian waste stakeholder map now online

Indonesia • 27. July 2021

Indonesian waste stakeholder map now online

Join the Indonesian waste stakeholder map to support the stakeholder overview. The map creates insights in who is doing what and where.


Civil society, NGOs and educators often do not know where to reach recyclers. Moreover, organisations engaging in socialisation on household waste segregation and improving local collection system in many locations do not know how to go about collaboration with the recycling sector, pricing, logistics for transport of recyclables or the quality control of materials. Besides, local initiatives are often not seen and best-practices in communities are mostly working on sheer idealism and are either not funded or underfunded. The Indonesian waste stakeholder map makes them visible. The map fills a gap regarding creating an overview of who is doing what and where. This contributes to forming cross-sector collaborations and knowledge exchange.

Stakeholders from all waste related sectors can list themselves, possible sectors include for example the recycling sector, governments, NGOs, education, science and research, the civil society as well as producers, brand owners and retailers.

The map is a collaborative initiative with network partners at the International Waste Platform. The map was developed by their sister network in South Africa – the Sustainable Sea Trust (SST).

To access the Indonesian stakeholder map, click here.


(c) Picture: Indonesian Waste Platform / Sustainable Sea Trust